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Best golf glove in town


Gloves are one of those golf accessories that are not essential for many players. But the certain thing is that they contribute to improving the hit of the ball thanks to that they facilitate a better grip on the stick and, therefore, a better swing. The golf glove is always placed on the dominant hand, that is, on the left for right-handed people and on the right for left-handed people. When choosing a golf glove, you have to take into account several factors. You must think that the glove has to act like a second skin, so you have to choose the one that best fits your hand. Although at a basic level almost all gloves offer the same function, there are certain aspects that must be assessed if you want to hit the button to choose the most suitable glove for each hand. Looking for best golf glove?

Best golf glove

Tips for buying best golf glove:

The material is one of the fundamental aspects when choosing a golf glove. The predominant materials in terms of manufacturing are kid skin, cowhide and synthetic leather. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which is the most recommended option? We explain it to you below.

Kid’s leather golf gloves

It is a material that has been modified to achieve a softer feel. Their advantage is that they offer a good grip and that they resist the water quite well.

Cow leather golf gloves

They are generally cheaper than the others, although, on the other hand, they are thicker. In this case, the price is sacrificed for having not so good sensations when it comes to grabbing the stick.

Synthetic leather gloves

It is the most used model. They are manufactured to offer a soft touch and it is a type of material that offers a long life. You always have to opt for the glove and the material that gives us better sensations. Leather gloves, for example, are more expensive, although they allow the skin to breathe better and, in general, are more comfortable. When choosing the right golf gloves you should also take into account the following aspects:

The ideal glove for each hand will be the one that does not move during the swing. It is advisable to opt for a slightly narrower model to fit well in the hand. With the use and with the passage of time the glove will give way and the adjustment to the hand will be good, finally.

Golf glove according to your level

Your level as a golfer will also condition the type of glove that suits you best. Therefore, in your choice, you must assess what is your level to opt for one material or another. Beginning golfers exert more strength on the stick, so a harder glove is recommended that do not wear out. Therefore, what is recommended for them is a synthetic leather glove. On the other hand, for golfers with intermediate or advanced level, a glove is recommended that facilitates contact with the club since they exert less pressure on the wood. The most recommended option for them is that of leather gloves.

For the preparation of this guide, we have analyzed more than 20 different glove models. Finally, we have stayed with the most interesting options we have found in relation to quality – price. Among the brands chosen are some with a great career in the world of golf, such as Nike, Wilson or Callaway.

Nike – The Best golf glove:

Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world. Not only in golf, but in fashion, in general, and all kinds of sports. When it comes to golf, Nike markets the products for this sport under the name “Nike golf”. Some of the most successful athletes such as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Jason Day or Michelle Wie dress and play with their products.

Best golf glove It is a manufacturer of golf accessories (golf clubs, golf balls …) based in California. The origin of this company dates back to 1984 when its founder, Ely Callaway, decided to create a brand with a philosophy of “superior quality, unmatched quality”. In its short existence, this firm has established itself as one of the most interesting on the current scene. Golfers like Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Gary Player, Colin Montgomerie or Eduardo Romero have made use of it.

Wilsons the Best golf glove:

It is another of the most popular brands in the world of golf. And the name of this company is associated with many sports, among which is tennis, football, basketball; volleyball … With regard to golf, the company has a history of almost a century. Wilson has won more than 60 international tournament victories since 1922. And now, yes. We are now entering into a deeper analysis of the best golf gloves we have chosen for this guide. We hope you find it interesting and that after reading it you have a clearer option that best suits you.

Comparison of Best golf glove

The perfect golf glove fits without scrubbing or disturbing. In addition to the comfort of use are important to grip control and durability. While some golf gloves are made of leather, like lambskin, other major brands rely on the material mix with Cabretta leather for thumb and palm, mesh insert for good ventilation and synthetic leather or microfiber for maximum mobility. For cooler seasons, especially for winter, there are also golf gloves that heat up better than leather and promise good grip even in wet conditions? Like during rain. In the list of the best golf gloves, you will find golf gloves for women and goal gloves for men at a good price. How to wear golf gloves: a left glove (left hand) for right-handers and a right glove (right hand) for left-handed people. Some gloves have a ball marker for the green.

Enjoy the Best golf glove!

What are the advantages of SMS chat by


Are you looking for a two-way SMS chat? Yes, then we think and recommend that sms chat by will be the best for you! Why not try it! So, once you are creating a global SMS campaign? Do you have all the information and tools you need to make an impact and be successful? The launch of 2 way SMS campaigns in different countries means following different standards and best practices. This small amount of pre-planning ensures that your campaign will launch smoothly, and you can focus on optimizing results and return on investment.

Internet instant messaging opens up a new way of communicating with customers, both at the customer service level and at a communication level of promotions and offers from companies. Today we want to review those points by which we think that this type of messaging is beneficial for B2C and B2B communication.

SMS chat by is a simple and economical way to carry out corporate communication campaigns, both informative and commercial. In addition, if you combine instant messaging with traditional messaging, we make sure that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible. From our experience, these are the key questions you must ask your provider, while you are planning your sms chat by, and before the campaign is close to being launched.


Each country has its own rules for what kind of numbers can be used for 2 way SMS campaigns. In some countries it is necessary to use a shortcode, in others, along virtual number (VLN) is fine. What you need to know is in which countries you need that kind of number and if the provider can even offer 2 way SMS in that country in the first place. The answer is not the same everywhere, your provider must understand the rules in each country before your campaign, and you can even get it from the ground.


Marketing traffic is highly regulated in many regions. In a number of countries, you cannot send campaigns that are political, for alcohol or tobacco, or that violate the moral code of a country.

These are three examples of why sms chat by save agents’ time, protect customer privacy, or answer common questions quickly and efficiently.


Send a text to your bank and get your balance, pay bills and verify transactions. Send a text from your bus stop to the transportation company, and get a list of which buses are arriving and when.


How often do we find ourselves remembering at the last minute that he forgot to confirm his appointment for a haircut or, worse, the dentist! You receive a reminder call from your dentist about your appointment. You forgot to put it on your calendar six months ago, and now it’s full and you cannot do it. You have to re-program and listen to the receptionist give you all the options. How long will that take? Will you stop making the appointment because you do not have time to talk to the receptionist at that time?


You have a question for your driver or host, but we do not want you to have your cell phone number. A message is sent through the application (or web page) and an SMS is sent through a virtual long number (VLN) to which the driver or host. They respond to you, but your real number is masked-and therefore it is theirs, the messages pass, the questions are answered, but everyone’s privacy is maintained.

Through the sms chat by humanize the client-company relationship

The chat is a channel that lets you know who is on the other side, especially if the person who attends the chat identifies with your name and your photograph. This feature is not offered in the rest of customer service channels: telephone, email, forms on the web. The current client wants a treatment that is simultaneously efficient and with a human and personalized touch. With the chat, we can meet both requirements.

Remember that customer satisfaction depends on the perceived value and expectations previously held. If you are able to surprise the client with a human and personalized attention, you have managed to exceed their expectations. As we already know, the customer service lines of many companies are 0810 numbers or similar, which may or may not include a cost for the customer making the call. Instant messaging applications avoid those costs, since they are free. This makes more customers contact the company, not being forced to incur costs of calls.

The conversation is written and saved, with what can be used if necessary at a later time, for example, to document a request, to show it in an establishment where you have made a reservation or have made a previous assignment via chat. We all have in mind conversations about previous phone calls in which there is no agreement about what one or the other said or what was agreed on the call.


2 Way SMS is just one facet of a broader communication strategy that includes email, voice, push notifications, chat, SMS and giving customers the flexibility to choose the tool they want to use to get answers to questions. A customer service call based on IVR should be able to skip 2 way SMS to live chat to email as easy as press 1 for SMS, 2 for the live chat on WhatsApp, or 3 for email sending electronically.


The first step to bringing 2 way SMS into your marketing mix is to learn how easy it is to get started. You already have clients who want to talk to you. You’re probably talking and sending an email to them now, adding SMS to the mix and – integrating the other tools; – it’s just a matter of starting a conversation with us. As …

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