All about the classy shower grab rail guide


When we talk about adapted bathrooms we always think of large spaces full of gadgets where design shines by its absence, but, although functionality should always be a priority, it does not have to be at odds with us creating a pleasant and elegant or fun space according to our style and personality. Look for shower grab rail guide. To begin with, not all types of disability require the same benefits when it comes to personal hygiene. We must distinguish between a visual disability, where the contrast of colors is the priority requirement, of a low mobility that can have different degrees; It is not the same to adapt the bathroom for an elderly person, that for a patient with a very reduced mobility or for one who needs assistance from another person, where we should think spaces for two people.

The bathrooms are infallible enclosures in a home, due to their great importance in the life of every person. The bathroom is usually one of the most visited places during the day in a common home. Therefore, since the bathroom is so frequently visited during the day, we must ensure that it has the appropriate safety measures to avoid unwanted accidents. This can be achieved by using bathroom handles. How about you see the shower grab rail guide?

Advantages of shower grab rail guide:

Avoid accidents with shower grab rail guide

Of course, there are many safety measures available for bathrooms. And one of the most common to see in bathrooms today, especially the public, is the bathroom handles. These are some bars, usually made of stainless steel, that are fastened to the wall, next to the toilet, above all, that serve as support.

Why use bathroom handles?

See the shower grab rail guide as for someone who enjoys good health does not seem relevant to the idea of placing handles in your bathroom. However, you have to think about other people. Are there children in the home? Disabled people? Seniors? … Bathroom handles will be very useful for them. And even if there are no people of these characteristics in your home, it may be useful for someone who comes to visit. Now, not only people with limited health benefit from bath handles. Even you can benefit from them; maybe in the case of contracting a temporary contagious disease that takes away your strength, or even a cramp. All these factors must be considered. Be that as it may, bath handles are very helpful and can be useful to you and others at a specific time.

Where to place the handles in the bathroom?

There are several functions for which the handles could be useful in bathrooms. For example, to stand in the shower, because the shower is usually very slippery, and even more so when there is soap on the floor, it becomes a dangerous surface, especially for the elderly and disabled. Therefore, the handles in the showers are almost essential, to avoid a serious fall, also, as we said above, can serve as a support when sitting on the toilet. Therefore, they can be useful for people with a lot of body weight, for example. See the shower grab rail guide.

Bathroom handles are ideal artefacts for your bathroom

Here at handleroba├▒ you will find different types of bathroom handles, with different materials and ways to install them. Choose the one you prefer. In the event that you are looking for a handle for bathrooms with special features, contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you find the solution.

We look for the best for you

The ergonomics in the bathroom is something simple and simple, since it is about the study and knowledge for the adaptation of the elements and necessary products to the needs of the user, looking for your safety, comfort and well-being. Shower grab rail guide is necessary in integral solutions in adapted bathrooms, geriatric rooms and in the healthcare sector. Because comfort means ergonomics, because with it what we do is that we feel comfortable in the bathroom.

Everything made to your needs

There is always a way to adapt our space to have a comfortable area in our daily use. Each person has their own characteristics, height, weight, volume … We will try to generalize and explain how to place all the elements so that ergonomics work for the whole family. The most particular cases would be the object of study. We design bathrooms where design, duration, ergonomics and therefore comfort are absolutely necessary and essential.

Avoid risks of falls

Ergonomics in the bathroom is very important for all people. We offer products and services to improve the hygiene and personal hygiene of the elderly. Of course, the best solution is to eliminate the bathtub and put a non-slip shower tray in order to avoid falls and trips. We understand ergonomics as facilitating the tasks, the daily tasks to prevent accidents and above all to make the moment of the toilet, so that you relax, enjoy and forget the problems or worries that the moment of the bath supposes.

A safe bath

We offer an immature answer for everyone who calls us, but we prioritize social care for the elderly. For this reason, we are able to offer all technological means to change the bathtub for a shower in a few hours or provide all kinds of solutions that facilitate accessibility in the bathroom environment. Each person is different and has its specific characteristics and particularities. Consequently, we respond to specific needs in the bathroom or shower for each person.


The handles are to ensure safety in the shower. But they have to be installed in the right place so that when needed you will be comfortable and accessible. They are installed at a height of 110cm generally, in the shower area that will be used for that purpose mainly. On plates of larger dimensions, a handle will be installed in the entrance area. If you want to comfortably enjoy your bathroom, whatever size you have, these tips will be very useful. If you wish you can contact and one of our expert technicians will personally advise you on the whole process to make your bathroom a safer place. We cannot forget that ergonomics is based on comfort as the basis of design in the bathroom. It is about finding the elements that are most comfortable for us.