All about the classy shower grab rail guide

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When we talk about adapted bathrooms we always think of large spaces full of gadgets where design shines by its absence, but, although functionality should always be a priority, it does not have to be at odds with us creating a pleasant and elegant or fun space according to our style and personality. Look for shower grab rail guide. To begin with, not all types of disability require the same benefits when it comes to personal hygiene. We must distinguish between a visual disability, where the contrast of colors is the priority requirement, of a low mobility that can have different degrees; It is not the same to adapt the bathroom for an elderly person, that for a patient with a very reduced mobility or for one who needs assistance from another person, where we should think spaces for two people.

The bathrooms are infallible enclosures in a home, due to their great importance in the life of every person. The bathroom is usually one of the most visited places during the day in a common home. Therefore, since the bathroom is so frequently visited during the day, we must ensure that it has the appropriate safety measures to avoid unwanted accidents. This can be achieved by using bathroom handles. How about you see the shower grab rail guide?

Advantages of shower grab rail guide:

Avoid accidents with shower grab rail guide

Of course, there are many safety measures available for bathrooms. And one of the most common to see in bathrooms today, especially the public, is the bathroom handles. These are some bars, usually made of stainless steel, that are fastened to the wall, next to the toilet, above all, that serve as support.

Why use bathroom handles?

See the shower grab rail guide as for someone who enjoys good health does not seem relevant to the idea of placing handles in your bathroom. However, you have to think about other people. Are there children in the home? Disabled people? Seniors? … Bathroom handles will be very useful for them. And even if there are no people of these characteristics in your home, it may be useful for someone who comes to visit. Now, not only people with limited health benefit from bath handles. Even you can benefit from them; maybe in the case of contracting a temporary contagious disease that takes away your strength, or even a cramp. All these factors must be considered. Be that as it may, bath handles are very helpful and can be useful to you and others at a specific time.

Where to place the handles in the bathroom?

There are several functions for which the handles could be useful in bathrooms. For example, to stand in the shower, because the shower is usually very slippery, and even more so when there is soap on the floor, it becomes a dangerous surface, especially for the elderly and disabled. Therefore, the handles in the showers are almost essential, to avoid a serious fall, also, as we said above, can serve as a support when sitting on the toilet. Therefore, they can be useful for people with a lot of body weight, for example. See the shower grab rail guide.

Bathroom handles are ideal artefacts for your bathroom

Here at handlerobañ you will find different types of bathroom handles, with different materials and ways to install them. Choose the one you prefer. In the event that you are looking for a handle for bathrooms with special features, contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you find the solution.

We look for the best for you

The ergonomics in the bathroom is something simple and simple, since it is about the study and knowledge for the adaptation of the elements and necessary products to the needs of the user, looking for your safety, comfort and well-being. Shower grab rail guide is necessary in integral solutions in adapted bathrooms, geriatric rooms and in the healthcare sector. Because comfort means ergonomics, because with it what we do is that we feel comfortable in the bathroom.

Everything made to your needs

There is always a way to adapt our space to have a comfortable area in our daily use. Each person has their own characteristics, height, weight, volume … We will try to generalize and explain how to place all the elements so that ergonomics work for the whole family. The most particular cases would be the object of study. We design bathrooms where design, duration, ergonomics and therefore comfort are absolutely necessary and essential.

Avoid risks of falls

Ergonomics in the bathroom is very important for all people. We offer products and services to improve the hygiene and personal hygiene of the elderly. Of course, the best solution is to eliminate the bathtub and put a non-slip shower tray in order to avoid falls and trips. We understand ergonomics as facilitating the tasks, the daily tasks to prevent accidents and above all to make the moment of the toilet, so that you relax, enjoy and forget the problems or worries that the moment of the bath supposes.

A safe bath

We offer an immature answer for everyone who calls us, but we prioritize social care for the elderly. For this reason, we are able to offer all technological means to change the bathtub for a shower in a few hours or provide all kinds of solutions that facilitate accessibility in the bathroom environment. Each person is different and has its specific characteristics and particularities. Consequently, we respond to specific needs in the bathroom or shower for each person.


The handles are to ensure safety in the shower. But they have to be installed in the right place so that when needed you will be comfortable and accessible. They are installed at a height of 110cm generally, in the shower area that will be used for that purpose mainly. On plates of larger dimensions, a handle will be installed in the entrance area. If you want to comfortably enjoy your bathroom, whatever size you have, …

What are the advantages of SMS chat by


Are you looking for a two-way SMS chat? Yes, then we think and recommend that sms chat by will be the best for you! Why not try it! So, once you are creating a global SMS campaign? Do you have all the information and tools you need to make an impact and be successful? The launch of 2 way SMS campaigns in different countries means following different standards and best practices. This small amount of pre-planning ensures that your campaign will launch smoothly, and you can focus on optimizing results and return on investment.

Internet instant messaging opens up a new way of communicating with customers, both at the customer service level and at a communication level of promotions and offers from companies. Today we want to review those points by which we think that this type of messaging is beneficial for B2C and B2B communication.

SMS chat by is a simple and economical way to carry out corporate communication campaigns, both informative and commercial. In addition, if you combine instant messaging with traditional messaging, we make sure that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible. From our experience, these are the key questions you must ask your provider, while you are planning your sms chat by, and before the campaign is close to being launched.


Each country has its own rules for what kind of numbers can be used for 2 way SMS campaigns. In some countries it is necessary to use a shortcode, in others, along virtual number (VLN) is fine. What you need to know is in which countries you need that kind of number and if the provider can even offer 2 way SMS in that country in the first place. The answer is not the same everywhere, your provider must understand the rules in each country before your campaign, and you can even get it from the ground.


Marketing traffic is highly regulated in many regions. In a number of countries, you cannot send campaigns that are political, for alcohol or tobacco, or that violate the moral code of a country.

These are three examples of why sms chat by save agents’ time, protect customer privacy, or answer common questions quickly and efficiently.


Send a text to your bank and get your balance, pay bills and verify transactions. Send a text from your bus stop to the transportation company, and get a list of which buses are arriving and when.


How often do we find ourselves remembering at the last minute that he forgot to confirm his appointment for a haircut or, worse, the dentist! You receive a reminder call from your dentist about your appointment. You forgot to put it on your calendar six months ago, and now it’s full and you cannot do it. You have to re-program and listen to the receptionist give you all the options. How long will that take? Will you stop making the appointment because you do not have time to talk to the receptionist at that time?


You have a question for your driver or host, but we do not want you to have your cell phone number. A message is sent through the application (or web page) and an SMS is sent through a virtual long number (VLN) to which the driver or host. They respond to you, but your real number is masked-and therefore it is theirs, the messages pass, the questions are answered, but everyone’s privacy is maintained.

Through the sms chat by humanize the client-company relationship

The chat is a channel that lets you know who is on the other side, especially if the person who attends the chat identifies with your name and your photograph. This feature is not offered in the rest of customer service channels: telephone, email, forms on the web. The current client wants a treatment that is simultaneously efficient and with a human and personalized touch. With the chat, we can meet both requirements.

Remember that customer satisfaction depends on the perceived value and expectations previously held. If you are able to surprise the client with a human and personalized attention, you have managed to exceed their expectations. As we already know, the customer service lines of many companies are 0810 numbers or similar, which may or may not include a cost for the customer making the call. Instant messaging applications avoid those costs, since they are free. This makes more customers contact the company, not being forced to incur costs of calls.

The conversation is written and saved, with what can be used if necessary at a later time, for example, to document a request, to show it in an establishment where you have made a reservation or have made a previous assignment via chat. We all have in mind conversations about previous phone calls in which there is no agreement about what one or the other said or what was agreed on the call.


2 Way SMS is just one facet of a broader communication strategy that includes email, voice, push notifications, chat, SMS and giving customers the flexibility to choose the tool they want to use to get answers to questions. A customer service call based on IVR should be able to skip 2 way SMS to live chat to email as easy as press 1 for SMS, 2 for the live chat on WhatsApp, or 3 for email sending electronically.


The first step to bringing 2 way SMS into your marketing mix is to learn how easy it is to get started. You already have clients who want to talk to you. You’re probably talking and sending an email to them now, adding SMS to the mix and – integrating the other tools; – it’s just a matter of starting a conversation with us. As …

Organic apricot kernel against cancer


Organic bitter apricot kernels – a brief history:

In the early 1950s, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Sr. and his son, Dr. ET Krebs, learned that the kingdom of Hunza, in the Himalayan mountains of northern Pakistan, had people They apparently lived “there is no cancer”. This characteristic of the people of Hunza called many researchers and several hypotheses have been issued since then. Some have turned to the water they drank, but Krebs the doctors were directed to another track, organic apricots that they liked a lot.

In the 1940s, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Sr. and his son, Dr. ET Krebs, Jr. published a paper entitled “The Thesis Unit or trophoblast cancer” in the Medical Report, New York. In the years that followed, the father-and-son team did research on co-enzymes and the possibility that cancer could be the result of deficiencies, particularly the vitamin.

The Hunza ate large amounts of organic bitter apricot kernels but did not believe that the fruit contains substances that can fight against cancer … until they discovered that the consumption of Hunzakuts almonds also from the organic apricot kernels; its peculiarity: we know that these almonds are rich in nitrilosides. In addition, they are also found in almonds (almonds), peach seeds, apple seeds (pectin), millet, bean sprouts, buckwheat, and also in other fruits and nuts, but in smaller quantities. (Apricot note: only organic apricot bitter wild almonds are effective.)

Dr. Krebs then defines the nitriloside active ingredient is precisely in some glycosides that he managed to extract. Finally, a patent application was made for the metabolite production process formed by these glycosides called the Laetrile name, for clinical use. Later laetril vitamin B17 was cataloged.

From organic apricot seed – organic bitter apricot kernels:

It worked out that Hunzakuts expend between 100 to 200 times more than the American B17 normal, essentially in light of the fact that almonds devour natural apricot bits, and furthermore a lot of millet. Strangely, no, a man’s riches is measured by the apricot number held. The most desired nourishment is the seed contained in the natural apricot part, a standout amongst the most imperative wellsprings of B17 on Earth. One of the principal restorative groups to think about the Hunza was controlled by the widely acclaimed British specialist Dr. Robert McCarrison. “The Hunza has no known contact with the tumor, they appreciate a plenteous gather of natural apricots, they dry in the sun, and to a great extent utilize it in their eating routine.”Cyanide … That’s why we have not heard of vitamin B17:

It seems so simple! The truth of the matter is that the industry cancer suppressed this information and even ordered the sale of B17 to be illegal. The medical mafia mounted with great success scare campaigns based on the fact that vitamin B17 contains amounts of ‘deadly’ cyanide, and then it is incorrect!

Here’s why organic bitter apricot kernels : Vitamin B17 each molecule contains a unit of hydrogen cyanide, a unit of benzaldehyde and two glucose units that are blocked together and form a harmless synergy as often happens in natural products.

For hydrogen cyanide becomes dangerous, you have to unblock the B17 molecule; or this can be done by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase, which is present everywhere in the human body in trace amounts, but against which it is found in high levels in cancer cells. Well, well … Very interesting!

The result is even more devastating to cancer cells that the benzaldehyde units are unblocked at the same time; Golden benzaldehyde that is already a deadly poison in itself when associated with cyanide is 100 times more lethal. The cancer cells literally disintegrated!

Organic bitter apricot kernels: Is it safe for healthy cells?

Note that in healthy tissue, another enzyme, the whey, present in much larger amounts than the open enzyme, beta-glucosidase, has the ability to completely degrade both cyanide and benzaldehyde in thiocyanate (a harmless substance) and salicylate (which is a pain of the aspirin family). Interestingly, the malignant cancer cells do not contain whelk, leaving them completely to thank the two deadly poisons. This whole process is known as selective toxicity since only cancer cells are specifically targeted and destroyed.

Hundreds of clinical studies conducted by many competent doctors around the world, including those led by Dr. Ernesto Contreras at the Oasis of Hope at Hospital México, give us the confidence that treatment with B17 therapy is harmless for cells normal (which is far from the case of chemotherapy). Here, it’s very bad news for the cancer industry. Organic almond apricots are accessible for any purse, given the exorbitant prices of aggressive drug cocktails of chemotherapy.

Ingredients: 100% raw almonds, blanched no * [* produced from organic farming.]

Average nutritional value per 100 g:

Energy 634 kcal – (2620 kJ)

Carbohydrates: 1.50 g of which sugars: 1.08 g

Fat: 53.40 g (including 4.04 g Saturated Fatty Acids, monounsaturated fatty acids 32.4 g, that polyunsaturated acids Fat 14.8 g)

Proteins: 25.4 g

Salt: 0 g

Fiber: 12.6 g

Vitamin B2: 108.00mg (65%)

Vitamin B9: 93.1 micrograms (47%)

Vitamin E: 14.6 mg (122%)

Iron 3 mg (21%)

Copper 1.07 mg (107%)

Manganese 2.32 mg (116%)

Zinc 3.29 mg (33%)

Origin: Turkey

– 100% organic

– Suitable for a vegetarian diet

– vegan, vegan

– Kosher and Halal

– Growth

– Gluten

– Free – lactose

– Suitable for allergic people

– No added sugar and salt

– gelatin

– No flavors or colorants

– No preservatives

– Obtained non-polluting mechanical processes

– Non-irradiated

– No nanoparticles

– Fairtrade Product

Also, the fact is that it is extremely good for the skin- The oil can be extracted from apricot seeds and used as a natural moisturizer. Unlike its nutty counterparts, apricot oil leaves no oily residue and can give it a supple skin. No wonder, in general, it has been used in massage salons, as well as, as an ingredient in lotions and moisturizers available in the market.…

The Development of Business Artificial Intelligence


For a long time, business ai has been in use and the areas where it is used are rowing daily. Robots can do pre-programmed work in many areas, such as car building, sweet-making and packaging, but still need to be set up by humans, and only follow repetitive and simple actions. The cost is going to be a major issue and one of the decisions that must be made is how quickly the change-over will happen. There could be high costs in the form of implementation, but then can lead to the need for far fewer employees. This is the face of business in the future, and it is suggested that the change-over starts as soon as possible.

Business in the future will receive an amazing boost because of artificial intelligence and the idea of people and machines combining their abilities. We have moved on from the basics and more advanced combinations are going to bring a great deal of money into the global economy. Although all business will benefit, recent research has shown that there are 5 areas that will benefit the most. Project managers can track the progress of what they are overseeing with ease and there is no sign that the progress is going to be reversed. On a regular basis, extra parts of the projects will benefit from the introduction of business artificial intelligence in the workplace.

What is Next?

It appears that the introduction of AI can be a double-edged sword. In the same way that Siri has an impact on our day to day life, there are systems in the business world. Answering machines mean that there is never a bad time to pass on information over the phone.

Due to the immense amount of data gleaned from a large project business ai needs to be used either to allow the scheme to be completed successfully and lessons learned for the next project. When used correctly and given detailed and accurate data, there can be real time result of the amount of time needed for a project to be finished as well as the overall cost and areas of overspend.

Banking is in area that is ripe for improvements and it will be helpful both with regards to efficiency and cost. Schemes tend to be person orientated and many are carrying out boring yet necessary tasks such as forecasting, calculating budgets and wring reports on what they have found.

This will be easy to change with the introduction of AI chatbots as they will be able to give a fully detailed report, and maybe more importantly, real time views of what is happening.

Is There a Downside?

There are a couple of issues that arise from wishing to introduce business ai.

  • Staff will have to be let go and while is helps the company it will not be good for the overall economy.
  • The cost could be frightening for smaller companies who do not have the same level of available funding as bigger ones.

To be successful, business ai will have to be an ongoing and as there is already a lack of use of the technology available, help will need to be brought in to get them up to speed then take them up to the next level. With a little support from, the raw data that needs to be deciphered and analyzed can now be changed into information that will be so much needed to go forward. The way that AI is progressing leads many to believe that before long, robots will be able to fully take over the role of a human in the workforce. The difference is that the roles in the future will require the automaton to be creative as well as capable of emotional intelligence.…

iPage Web Hosting Review 2017


iPage web hosting proposals an cheap startup plan. The aspect set is the similar regardless of which plan you usage and comprises a drag-and-drop web site constructer, eCommerce tool, advertisement credit, and sturdy security features. Whereas not the finest website hosting firm, it’s still an outstanding service value considering.

iPage offers the sturdy security features you would expect from the finest web hosting services. It backs up your web sites at least every day so as to, if you lose a sheet from hacking, a virus otherwise human error, you could revert toward the last saved form. Though, you must pay a slight once-a-month payment for this feature. In the case of a whole loss of your site plus its data, iPage proposals free renovation of your site toward the last backed-up form. You can also see the fresh access logs to get an impression of who is visiting your website.

If you are using your web site for eCommerce, the communal secure sockets layer encryption is a big aid. This confirms your site has as a minimum bank-level encryption thus customers can positively input their credit card plus other info.

This hosting service furthermore defends your email. In adding to virus scanners, it permits you to modify your spam filters through both the webmail pane and the control pane.

The one item this website host deficiencies is a shared shell. This lets you entree other PCs over the website. While a valuable feature, it is not vital for maximum businesses.

iPage review (2017)-Control Panel Tool

The vDeck control pane seems restricted and less accessible than the business-standard cPanel, however there are numerous options for constructing your website. iPage has its individual website designer, with customizable patterns and a drag-and-drop edge, or you can usage a third-party stage like WordPress otherwise Drupal. In adding, it offers manifold blog platforms, photo gallery additions as well as open-source forums. In case you favor to construct your site offline, it has safe FTP transfer.

If you requisite to construct an eCommerce site, iPage proposals a free online store, otherwise you can assimilate with numerous popular shop cart programs. It furthermore incorporates with PayPal for easy fee processing.

iPage review (2017)-Help and Support

The firm that possesses iPage subcontracts its support workforce and shares that group among a dozen other web hosts, several of which are on our lineup. We took a regular of the wait times for the live provision as well as found it to be 12 minutes for early contact, followed by an regular of three minutes among responses. This isn’t excessive, but it’s not the poorest time we met.

The web hosting service provides you access toward a complete knowledgebase plus user guides that cover a mass of topics. Sideways from account management, you could learn how to construct your web site using some of the maximum prevalent content management schemes, counting Joomla and WordPress. You can furthermore learn how toward submit your website toward Google manually, how toward set up your web site to admit credit cards for online payments as well as how to marketplace your website.…