Month: September 2017

The Development of Business Artificial Intelligence


For a long time, business ai has been in use and the areas where it is used are rowing daily. Robots can do pre-programmed work in many areas, such as car building, sweet-making and packaging, but still need to be set up by humans, and only follow repetitive and simple actions. The cost is going to be a major issue and one of the decisions that must be made is how quickly the change-over will happen. There could be high costs in the form of implementation, but then can lead to the need for far fewer employees. This is the face of business in the future, and it is suggested that the change-over starts as soon as possible.

Business in the future will receive an amazing boost because of artificial intelligence and the idea of people and machines combining their abilities. We have moved on from the basics and more advanced combinations are going to bring a great deal of money into the global economy. Although all business will benefit, recent research has shown that there are 5 areas that will benefit the most. Project managers can track the progress of what they are overseeing with ease and there is no sign that the progress is going to be reversed. On a regular basis, extra parts of the projects will benefit from the introduction of business artificial intelligence in the workplace.

What is Next?

It appears that the introduction of AI can be a double-edged sword. In the same way that Siri has an impact on our day to day life, there are systems in the business world. Answering machines mean that there is never a bad time to pass on information over the phone.

Due to the immense amount of data gleaned from a large project business aiĀ needs to be used either to allow the scheme to be completed successfully and lessons learned for the next project. When used correctly and given detailed and accurate data, there can be real time result of the amount of time needed for a project to be finished as well as the overall cost and areas of overspend.

Banking is in area that is ripe for improvements and it will be helpful both with regards to efficiency and cost. Schemes tend to be person orientated and many are carrying out boring yet necessary tasks such as forecasting, calculating budgets and wring reports on what they have found.

This will be easy to change with the introduction of AI chatbots as they will be able to give a fully detailed report, and maybe more importantly, real time views of what is happening.

Is There a Downside?

There are a couple of issues that arise from wishing to introduce business ai.

  • Staff will have to be let go and while is helps the company it will not be good for the overall economy.
  • The cost could be frightening for smaller companies who do not have the same level of available funding as bigger ones.

To be successful, business ai will have to be an ongoing and as there is already a lack of use of the technology available, help will need to be brought in to get them up to speed then take them up to the next level. With a little support from, the raw data that needs to be deciphered and analyzed can now be changed into information that will be so much needed to go forward. The way that AI is progressing leads many to believe that before long, robots will be able to fully take over the role of a human in the workforce. The difference is that the roles in the future will require the automaton to be creative as well as capable of emotional intelligence.…