Month: September 2016

Success of save the angel campaign


Save angel campaign is a activity which was carried out at the international level. This activity was greatly successful and managed to raise large sums of money used in the various causes and this is a very popular campaign and lots of people have participated in this and this is a very interesting way to raise funds, let us look at the following ways :

During Save angel campaign activity there were several advertisements placed on different media platforms. Even though the cost of advertising is very high but the contributions that people gave were able to cater for these adverts. The main function of these adverts was to increase awareness about the project. The increased awareness lead to more collections. This has made the Save angel campaign very popular and people have started liking this and that is why the collections have gone up significantly and is growing. These people have done everything they could to make the campaign as popular as possible. Once that is done the collections are bound to go up and that is a big plus. This is a very active campaign and lots of people are participating in this and the number is growing by the day, all for a cause.

Given that this was a global activity then global adverting became very important to people. This is why the organizers of the campaign invested heavily in advertisements. This campaign has been halted due to myriad steps realized when the campaign was active. Purchase of chocolate for one and all, which made this very popular and unique way to make use of the funds collected. A large amount of money which was realized from this campaign was also used to purchase chocolates which were distributed to people found in different organizations. These chocolates were wrapped in wrappers which had a campaign logo used during the campaign. The number of people who were able to receive these chocolates is high meaning that large sums of money were spend on this.  Since lots of money was collected and well used, this is one of the most successful campaign executed very well for a certain cause and has go a name even internationally and hence lots of people are participating in it.

This campaign was also able to sponsor a wonderful rally in Los Angeles. Apart from this rally, there was an online global rally for the whole world. The online rally was organized so that those people who could not travel to Los Angeles could also take part in the rally. This was a very successful thing and lots of people took part in it. During the rally very many things were done. Those people who attended the rally really benefited. This shows that the fruits of this campaign were sweet and one cannot deny that the rally was really enjoyable.

The level of success of this campaign can be seen from the number and size of activities which have been sponsored by this campaign.…

Reasons behind the success of save Angel campaign


There are very many individuals and organizations across the world who have tried to conduct campaigns but these campaigns have failed terribly. These people can learn from what was done by the organizers of save angel campaign. There are lots of similar campaigns which have not made success but this one has gone up the sky and is growing. There are lots of people who have joined with this campaign and that should make it very interesting. The collections are growing since this is done on such a large scale and lots of money is gathered and used for a cause. Which has not happened with many before. This makes it a good choice for lots of people to join in. There are various things they did to ensure that their campaign succeed and some of them are:

Covered a large geographical area, and this was a big plus and this made this very popular. The coverage was so vast that it gathered support of so many people and this was a big plus for the Save angel campaign, which grew in popularity and this was a major advantage.

Most of the campaigns carried out with an aim of collecting some money from well-wishers have not been able to go beyond one country’s boundaries. This limits the amount of money that one can get. Even though increasing the geographical area covered increases the cost of the campaign but this will also increase the amount of money collected. Hence this was a good move which made this campaign a huge success. The collection has grows considerably with a growth in the area and that is a big plus and money has been used in a very good way, which is a sign of success of Save angel campaign. The fact that this campaign was carried out at the global level contributed to its success.


Heavy global advertising

When organizing for this event they realized that advertising aims at increasing awareness about a product or activity. There were several adverts used in different media platforms. Advertising on different media platforms increases the number of people who get the information being passed out in a given advert.

The success of a given campaign heavily depends on the number of people who are aware that the Save angel campaign is taking place. The number was boosted by heavy advertising. These adverts were designed for a global audience. This has made it a campaign which can be used anywhere.

Proper coordination of activities

Planning and execution of some activities might be a problem especially when people are not cooperating. Those people who were in charge of this campaign really cooperated to see this nice outcomes and make it popular.

They learned that team work requires understanding, cooperation and assisting one another. This made them to work together from the beginning to the end. Those people who fail to work as a team when working on a certain project have high chances of failing.…